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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Wine-Stocks

What kind of wine prices are shown in Wine Stocks?

  • Wine Stocks shows only wine auction prices.

  • All wine prices shown are hammer wine prices (excluding taxes and fees)

  • In the Free version, all wine prices and wine trading volumes are 24 months delayed.

  • In the Member-Versions are all the wine prices, wine dates and amounts are real-time daily updated

Why wine auction prices?

  • We source our data from nearly one hundred wine auction houses worldwide, presents - and online sources.

  • All wine prices are auction prices, recoverable any time for anyone.

  • They have a very realistic view of the global, transnational development of the wine prices the wine cellar ore your wine-investment.

What can be queried for data on Wine Stocks?

  • We will update our database daily with up to 30.000 new wine auction datas.

  • Depending on the access they can get the most current wine prices and trading volumes.

  • On each page you will find live information about the wine regions and including wines in the upper parts of the website.

  • Your wine cellars will be daily updated to the latest wine prices and wine trading volumes.

  • You can follow the exact wine price of each wine, you can see wine charts,wine trends and wine performance in different selectable time periods.

  • Get a quick overview of all vintages of a wine estate and all wines from a wine-grower.

  • You have a complete wine cellar management collecting all wine datas and comments you enter

  • You can make a wine description or a reminder to check the ripening behavior.

  • A monitoring role, she recalls, if desired, to the maturity of a wine drinking.

  • You can use the watchlist to get a quickly and easily observe to all the wines you are interested in without using the wine cellar.

  • Again, it is possible to monitor the performance, when wine prices on - or below it can optionally be notified by mail.

  • On request, we have additional modules and query capabilities.

Win 100 and other wine indices

In a long process we built up wine indexes for the major wine regions of the world.

The Win 100 gives an overview of the worldwide development of Fine wine.

  • The win includes 100 important and commonly on wine auctions traded wines from all over the world.

  • The Bor-I reflects the performance of the wine prices in Bordeaux

  • The Bur-I reflects the performance of the wine prices in regions of Burgundy

  • The Cham-I reflects the performance of wine prices in the champagne

  • The Ital-I reflects the performance of the wines prices of Italy

  • The Cal-I reflects the performance of the wines prices of California

  • The Aus-I reflects the performance of the wine prices of the regions of Australia

  • The Port-I reflects the performance of the wine prices from port wine

  • The Ger-I reflects the performance of the wine process of regions of Germany

On our front page you can compare each wine on a daily index of the major global stock indices and gold.

Specials thanks to

We hereby thank all who helped us creating the largest wine auction price database in web.

In recent years the development has provided us with many wine connoisseurs and collectors on their knowledge

and data available to almost all the major gaps wines to depict the world from the 01.01.1996.

We especially thank the Sommelier Associations all over the world.

Many thanks to the Sommelier Association of Austria and the Wine Academy in Rust / Geisenheim for much information and knowledge.

We wish to thank the "Court of Master Sommeliers" for the training of some of our employees and the support for our project.

We also want to say thanks to all wine journalists worldwide.

Your searches and tastings filter out the right mix from the unimaginably range of wines for each area and taste.

With your experience you have a wide range of knowledge that you make available to the wine lovers.

Through your research the wine lovers discover much faster and usually inexpensive the wines to suit their taste.

With this database we hope to complement your work in a small area and make the wine world more understandable.

Our special thanks also to our employees with great passion and commitment for many years in our data center.

They spent a lot of time in research and they never lost their courage, even in difficult phases of development.

You've built up a real-time system that is unique in the wine world,quickly and with such large, complex and diverse data sets.

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